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Are you looking for a digital strategy? Do you need to sharpen your product vision? Do you need to modernize your enterprise architecture? Do you need a secure app for millions of users? Do you need to connect your smart devices to the network via an IoT platform? Are you migrating your legacy systems to the cloud and enriching them with cloud-native developments? Do you want to make your production fit in terms of IT? Are you looking for immersive 3D experiences?

Our interdisciplinary team of over 800 experts can answer these and other questions. Take a look. We would be happy if you put your project in our hands and we develop a solution together with you. With added value for you and all users.

  • Corporate Strategy

    Management Consulting Digitalization

    Is digitalization the same as IT? We counter this misunderstanding with a digital checkup. We see ourselves as stewards for top management, who not only advise, but can also implement the advice.

  • Software quality

    IT Modernization

    We identify software hotspots in the shortest possible time and solve them in the course of modernization. We iteratively raise software to a new standard and establish a culture for sustainable quality.

  • Data and AI

    Creating value from data

    We provide, analyze and visualize data. With data analytics, we understand chains of effects; with data science, we recognize patterns and are able to make predictions. With MLOps, we integrate data science workflows seamlessly and automatically into your corporate IT.

  • User Interface

    UI Design

    Voice, haptics, gestures, touch… without good user interfaces, users are lost. Ease of use and aesthetics make the quality of the digital solution tangible.

  • Digitized devices

    Smart Devices

    Digitized products are an interplay of networked components. Hardware, software, UI of the devices must work and be secured with IoT backend, data pipeline or mobile app. This is where we help you.

  • VR and AR

    Interactive 3D Experiences

    We take you from idea to 3D experience. Our immersive applications for AR/VR glasses, smartphones and tablets or screen are user-centric, extensible and secure.

  • Apps

    Mobile Engineering

    For us, mobile engineering starts with the users and their needs. These are the starting point to develop software for smartphones or tablets and to build mobile platforms.

  • User Experience

    Product Design

    An outstanding user experience is a must for digital products: What is the added value? How can it be measured? What do users expect? These questions are our guiding principles.

  • Software Testing

    Product Quality Engineering

    Whether in the web or backend, in the areas of IoT or mobile, a customized test strategy is the basis of our work. We describe test scope, roles and quality KPIs for your projects. A test roadmap makes all activities transparent.

  • Startup Investments


    Twip supports startups with the core competencies of its two mothers MaibornWolff and QAware: with excellent software engineering and in building the corporate culture.

  • IoT

    IoT Platforms

    We build a powerful, stable and secure IoT platform for you. We rely on remote diagnostics, a scalable connectivity solution, real-time monitoring and remote software updates.

  • Digital transformation

    Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0 solutions can unlock significant potential – in large enterprises as well as in medium-sized businesses. We help you make your IT in production fit with the help of customized IT solutions.

  • Shaping the digital future

    Digital Design

    We get your ideas out of your head and shape them into digital solutions. We model from vision to ready-to-code. In close cooperation with the software developers.

  • IT Organization

    Enterprise Architecture

    We analyze and understand your corporate strategy and business processes. We define the goals for your IT landscape and IT organization. We show the concrete steps with a roadmap.

  • DevOps

    Customized solutions for the cloud

    Modern digitization projects run best in the cloud. The solutions chosen must be scalable, secure and flexible. We know how legacy systems do well in the cloud and cloud-native solutions perform at their best.

  • Secure environment


    We view IT security as a quality dimension that encompasses technology, organization and people. Together with our customers, we develop solutions that work reliably and provide just the right level of security.

  • Web development

    Web Platforms

    We translate business requirements into stable, scalable and performant web applications. We look at all areas of your web platform: whether technicality, frontend, the API, backend or cloud infrastructure.

  • Web Application Audit

    Web Application Audit

    A Web Application Audit helps you find out how to make your Web application fit for the future again. We do this in two phases, examining expertise and technology in workshops.

  • Blockchain

    Distributed Ledger Technologies

    Blockchain technology saves costs, creates transparency and increases security. Learn more about use cases and real-world examples and what it can mean for your business model.