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What does our everyday work look like, what makes up our culture? In the Insights, our colleagues give you an insight into their everyday lives and experiences at MaibornWolff.

  • Techblog

    Mixed reality in the car

    Mixed Reality: Driving a real car in a virtual world At the Websummit in Lisbon, BMW M presented ///M Mixed Reality, which merges real driving with a virtual world. The car’s interior is displayed as a live video stream in the headset, while the world outside the car is transformed into a challenging race track…

  • TalkAbout

    Distributed teamwork under time pressure

    Software can be tested quickly together without being in the same place. This is proven by the first place of our testing team at the 3rd Test Challenge of the expert network ASQF.

  • TalkAbout

    Sailing Challenge: An extraordinary kind of team building

    Our sailing crews are back home, grateful, happy and full of unforgettable experiences and impressions. A little review.

  • Techblog

    Driving a real car in a virtual world

    What happens if you drive a real car in a virtual world? It becomes magic. Our software engineers Daniel Irmler und Julian Feller were live at the world premiere of the BMW Group’s unique driving experience at Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon.