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We are not just part of the digital future – we are shaping it. In an industry that is changing rapidly, we rely on innovative strength. This enables us to offer our clients services and products today that they will need tomorrow. To do this, we research and develop, track down tech trends and work on visionary IT topics that move people forward.

  • Threat Analysis


    Threat analysis plays an integral role in MaibornWolff’s understanding of cybersecurity. ThreatSea declares war on long threat lists in Excel and enables development teams to seamlessly integrate the approach into agile cycles.

  • Crowd-Sourcing


    The IoT-Bike app can be used to collect data about the bike lane infrastructure of cities – while riding and without additional hardware. The app uses participants’ cell phones as sensors and maps the collected data anonymously on street maps.

  • Digital Garage

    Low code and RAD

    How can the demand for software be met? Our approach: Low Code and Rapid Application Development. This makes it possible to standardize software development, shorten development time and make software sufficiently flexible.

  • Metaverse

    Metaverse as a Service

    Play along or wait and see? When it comes to the metaverse, this is one of the crucial questions that drives many of our customers. We have developed a road map that shows our customers the way to the metaverse – or not.

  • NextReality Lab

    Bringing X-Reality to life

    To be able to grasp virtual and augmented reality, you have to experience it. That’s why you can visit the NextReality Lab at our Munich office in the Kraftwerk and dive into the virtual world on site.

  • Microsoft Teams-App

    Modern knowledge management

    How do I pass on knowledge from one generation to the next? We have developed an app for Microsoft Teams that enables service technicians to record their knowledge digitally.

  • InnoRadar Web

    Trend radar

    We have many people in the company who try out new technologies, gather experience, read and write articles as well as books. In order to make this knowledge clearly available to everyone, we have therefore created the InnoRadar Web.

  • Robin4LeMi

    Robot-assisted interaction systems

    The RobIn4LeMi project is all about robot-assisted interaction systems. The goal is to develop and research a demand-oriented assistance robot, which supports performance-impaired persons in the company.