Transforming your digital world

Individual solutions for your digital challenges

Strong tech expertise
from a single source

Strong tech expertise
from a single source

MaibornWolff creates excellent, sophisticated and individual software solutions for clients and their users. Our specialists advise, code and test in complex digitalisation projects. As an IT service provider with over 30 years of tech experience, we take responsibility for the full project. Complex issues and ambitious projects drive us. With our extensive know-how, we will also get your project on the road:

Our Identity.

We are more than 900 IT professionals working in three countries. Our people specialize in answering the critical questions of our customers. The people are at the core of culture and our projects.

Our Business.

Everything we do pays off in software. With a broad technology spectrum, we digitally map processes and business models. We constantly have our ears on the market to evaluate new technical trends for our customers and to cast them into individual and secure solutions

Our Promise.

We take responsibility for the products we are allowed to develop for our customers. Nothing we do is “off the shelf”, our software is as individual as the people who use it. We are proud of our products when our customers are.

Transforming your digital world

Our customers

We are at home in the entire IT world.
From automotive to health to tourism –
our customers cover the entire spectrum of industries.

Our promise


We take responsibility. For the people in our team. For close collaboration with our customers. For their digital projects, which we design and develop together with them.

green skyline of a city on a curved part of a globe

Together with and for the non-profit organization Sciara, we developed software that helps users understand the impact of their own behavior on climate change. Learn more about how we value Green IT here:

Talent welcome!

For us, everything revolves around people:
Trust, freedom and responsibility characterise the way we work,
just as much as appreciation and challenges.
Do you want to be a part of it?
Then take a look at our open positions or just send in your CV:

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