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Technical articles and insights into everyday life at MaibornWolff: In the magazine you can browse at your leisure and get an impression of what it’s like at our company. Our experts pass on their expertise in articles and white papers; the Spotlight deals with what is currently keeping us busy technologically. And the Insights have a personal touch: here we report on what our work is like on a day-to-day basis. If you’d like to meet us in person, you can find out when we’ll be at events in the news. Just take a look around!

Expert Articles


  • Techblog

    Crafting Good Frontend Architecture: Key Principles and Best Practices

    This article explores the key principles, benefits, and practical steps for establishing and maintaining a good frontend architecture, including modularity, reusability, and the importance of a shared mental model among team members. Stay ahead in web development by leveraging best practices and tools for automated checks, guided by Melanie Bucher – a dedicated architecture enthusiast.

  • Techblog

    The Dawn of a New Tech Era:
    Apple’s Vision Pro

    Smartphones are still the driving force of the tech industry. Nevertheless, the leaps in innovative development are getting smaller and smaller. So it’s time to ask: What’s next? For Patrick Gaißert, it’s clear that the age of augmented reality glasses has arrived. In this article, he explains why and how the Apple Vision Pro is…

  • Techblog

    End-to-end-testing with Cucumber and Gherkin

    In their last project, our software engineers Pau Sánchez and Carlos Rodriguez worked on automated end-to-end tests for Flowers Software. In an innovative way.

  • Techblog

    Vulnerability Management: The 5 steps that benefit projects

    Projects benefit immensely if vulnerabilities in the system are detected early in the development process. The following article shows how successful vulnerability management works in 5 steps.

Latest Techt-Trends


  • Internet of Things

    Honored: MaibornWolff’s IoT Bike Team Wins Mobilitython at IAA

    14 Days Hackathon. 2 Challenges. 1st place. The IoT bike team from MaibornWolff beat out participants from all over the world to win the Mobilitython in the Smart City IoT category at IAA Mobility 2021. On Saturday, September 11, 2021, Yannick Vornehm, Andreas Denk, Marius Wichtner, Kyluke McDougall, Matthias Puchta and Florian von Unold were…

  • JAMStack: Architecture and Scenarios

    This is part 2 of the blog article on JAMStack with architecture considerations and assessments of different scenarios. Part 1 of the article on benefits and players can be found here. Architecture In this section, we explain what the building blocks of the JAMStack consist of and how they interact. A typical workflow is used to…

How we work everyday


  • Techblog

    Mixed reality in the car

    Mixed Reality: Driving a real car in a virtual world At the Websummit in Lisbon, BMW M presented ///M Mixed Reality, which merges real driving with a virtual world. The car’s interior is displayed as a live video stream in the headset, while the world outside the car is transformed into a challenging race track…

  • TalkAbout

    Distributed teamwork under time pressure

    Software can be tested quickly together without being in the same place. This is proven by the first place of our testing team at the 3rd Test Challenge of the expert network ASQF.

  • TalkAbout

    Sailing Challenge: An extraordinary kind of team building

    Our sailing crews are back home, grateful, happy and full of unforgettable experiences and impressions. A little review.

  • Techblog

    Driving a real car in a virtual world

    What happens if you drive a real car in a virtual world? It becomes magic. Our software engineers Daniel Irmler und Julian Feller were live at the world premiere of the BMW Group’s unique driving experience at Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon.

What’s going on?


  • Uncategorized

    MaibornWolff Team wins BMW Metaverse Supplierthon

    The Supplierthon was called “All about the Metaverse” and the purpose was to scout innovative suppliers from the BMW network. Our Team convinced with the concept “BMW Efficiency Racing” for In-Car Metaverse.

  • News

    Industry 4.0 – Analysis by FactoryPuls and MaibornWolff

    How high is the digital maturity level of your production? An analysis developed by the Hamburg startup FactoryPuls and the Munich software developer MaibornWolff provides industrial companies with answers.

  • Updates

    IoT Bike wins the 5th Munich Digital Innovation Award

    Our project IoT Bike won the 5th Munich Digital Innovation Award and was named Innovation of the Year 2020. The smartphone app IoT Bike continuously collects data about the bike lane infrastructure of a city – simply while riding, without additional hardware. Data is collected, for example, on the condition of the roads/bike lanes, but…

  • Updates

    Still a Great Place to Work – even in the mobile office

    Typically, we would be pretty out of breath by now after a March that would have kept us on our toes with exciting Great Place to Work awards. Instead, many are out of breath between Teams calls at the dinner table, homeschooling, and alternate going-out rules every week. Some of us might even have settled into the…