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Technical articles and insights into everyday life at MaibornWolff: In the magazine you can browse at your leisure and get an impression of what it’s like at our company. Our experts pass on their expertise in articles and white papers; the Spotlight deals with what is currently keeping us busy technologically. And the Insights have a personal touch: here we report on what our work is like on a day-to-day basis. If you’d like to meet us in person, you can find out when we’ll be at events in the news. Just take a look around!

Expert Articles


  • TalkAbout

    UX Trendstorming Workshop with KUKA

    What will the user experience (UX) of the future look like? Which trends are driving robot systems forward? The KUKA UX team found answers in our trendstorming workshop.

  • Techblog

    Developing operators for kubernetes

    Kubernetes operators have become not only a hot topic in the cloud-native community but have proven to be immensely useful in hybrid-cloud multi-tenant/team scenarios that we often encounter in IoT projects for our customers. This post looks at how operators support a DevOps approach through automation, how they enable hybrid cloud scenarios through unified APIs, and whether Go, Rust, or Python are better suited for Kubernetes operator development.

  • TalkAbout

    Really good teams in project business

    Good teamwork is important. That is a no-brainer and not only since “agile” has become THE THING. Especially in IT consulting, requirement and projects change at short intervals. Therefore, teams constantly face new challenges on the technical side as well as in understanding the business side. The tasks are usually very complex. Here, really good […]

  • Techblog

    What is the blockchain?Transparent, decentralized, and incorruptible

    What is the blockchain? Insights into a new technology What is the blockchain? People are curious to know, even if they don’t belong to the millions who have already invested in bitcoin. Because the technology behind this cryptocurrency has the potential to revolutionize entire value chains. There is already talk of an “Internet of Values”. The […]

Latest Techt-Trends


  • Internet of Things

    Honored: MaibornWolff’s IoT Bike Team Wins Mobilitython at IAA

    14 Days Hackathon. 2 Challenges. 1st place. The IoT bike team from MaibornWolff beat out participants from all over the world to win the Mobilitython in the Smart City IoT category at IAA Mobility 2021. On Saturday, September 11, 2021, Yannick Vornehm, Andreas Denk, Marius Wichtner, Kyluke McDougall, Matthias Puchta and Florian von Unold were […]

  • JAMStack: Architecture and Scenarios

    This is part 2 of the blog article on JAMStack with architecture considerations and assessments of different scenarios. Part 1 of the article on benefits and players can be found here. Architecture In this section, we explain what the building blocks of the JAMStack consist of and how they interact. A typical workflow is used to […]

How we work everyday


  • ¡LLegamos a ti, ven con nosotros!

    Even after 30 years in software, we still get excited about new tools in the cloud sphere, the latest addition to a Node.js framework, or compelling software design patterns like Connascence.  And the best part: our top-notch clients love us for this. Are you a software enthusiast as well? Then join us. And if you don’t want to move […]

  • Employees make us a Great Place to Work – again!

    For the 12th time in a row, we placed ourselves in the field of best employers as awareded by Great Place to Work©. In 2021, we achieved several top positions: We are proud of our 2nd place as IT employer among companies of 501 to 1,000 employees. In the overall competition, we reach a wonderful […]

  • Thoughts

    Why We Advocate Mindfulness @ MaibornWolff

    Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.— Eckhart Tolle A company, as Richard Branson says, is simply an idea to make peoples’ lives better. It consists first and foremost of individuals, human beings. To make a positive and sustainable change we must […]

  • Updates

    We help #FlattenTheCurve

    Last night, managing director Holger Wolff (representing the management board) informed the people at MaibornWolff how we would like to proceed regarding working environment and Corona. The decision is driven by the thought of “FlatteningTheCurve”, especially as the next few days are crucial now. Update: The original post was dated March 13th. Since members of […]

What’s going on?


  • News

    Industry 4.0 – Analysis by FactoryPuls and MaibornWolff

    How high is the digital maturity level of your production? An analysis developed by the Hamburg startup FactoryPuls and the Munich software developer MaibornWolff provides industrial companies with answers.

  • Updates

    IoT Bike wins the 5th Munich Digital Innovation Award

    Our project IoT Bike won the 5th Munich Digital Innovation Award and was named Innovation of the Year 2020. The smartphone app IoT Bike continuously collects data about the bike lane infrastructure of a city – simply while riding, without additional hardware. Data is collected, for example, on the condition of the roads/bike lanes, but […]

  • Updates

    Still a Great Place to Work – even in the mobile office

    Typically, we would be pretty out of breath by now after a March that would have kept us on our toes with exciting Great Place to Work awards. Instead, many are out of breath between Teams calls at the dinner table, homeschooling, and alternate going-out rules every week. Some of us might even have settled into the […]

  • Updates

    MaibornWolff at the .droidcon 2020

    At the virtual .droidcon EMEA 2020, Android developers from Europe, the Middle East and Africa are expected this year. Right in the middle: Matthias Nefzger and MaibornWolff. Matthias will be presenting his talk on Friday, October 09: “Talk CoAP to me – IoT over Bluetooth Low Energy“. He will explore how his team built a Bluetooth communication […]