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MaibornWolff Team wins BMW Metaverse Supplierthon

The Supplierthon was called “All about the Metaverse” and the purpose was to scout innovative suppliers from the BMW network. Our Team convinced with the concept “BMW Efficiency Racing” for In-Car Metaverse.

Wanted: Innovation for Metaverse

In-Car Metaverse is an innovative approach for our client BMW to transform vehicles into interfaces to Web 3.0. The vision: to intensify the digital brand experience with “Commercial Metaverse” and to create a lively community in which the virtual platform becomes an experience space for customers.

We are very pleased to sharpen this vision with our contribution to Supplierthon. The BMW Group Supplierthon is a format to scout innovative suppliers globally for complex technology fields and onboard them into the BMW Group ecosystem. Therefore, they invited the whole Metaverse community. More than 100 participants from around the world submitted their innovative ideas in the categories “Vehicle Readiness”, “In-Car Experience” and “Virtual Ecosystems”.

Combining real driving with in-car entertainment

With “BMW Efficiency Racing”, our team with Christopher Krass, Robert Vasenda, Nour Sakr and Marian Gheorge offered the best “in-car experience”, turning an efficient driving style into an entertaining race against other BMW drivers.

Chris: „ Our virtual racing experience combines real driving with in-car entertainment. imagine a virtual Mario Kart. The core principal is easily understood when thinking about the following scenario: A father and son driving in their car. Together they are immersed into the experience, the Dad by being focused on the street in front of him, while the son is playing the virtual race, and the son says to his father: „Dad, drive more efficiently, I need to get another boost! I’m so close to winning this lap and getting an upgrade for my virtual car!”

Robert: “We wanted to create a use case that has purpose and thinks about the future metaverse vision but is feasible today and creates real revenue streams”.

What were your biggest challenges?

Chris: “First of all the latency. As we need to make sure that drivers all over the world have a fair chance and that the real time competition isn’t affected by latency. The second challenge is data protection: the personal data must never leaving your car.”

We congratulate the other winners of the Supplierthon:

DeepMirror Inc. secured first place in the category “Vehicle Readiness” with a spatial computing approach. This makes it possible to spatially localise vehicles by combining several vehicle sensors.

Planet.Net.Studios convinced with the “virtual ecosystem”. The “BMW Key” by Web3 Studio stands for a holistic approach that connects physical products along the entire customer journey with the virtual brand experience.

The BMW Group plans to integrate the respective winners from the three categories into its partner and supplier network to promote the implementation of these promising concepts. We look forward to it!