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We believe that knowledge becomes more when it is shared. That’s why our experts publish articles here that give practical tips for working in IT: From testing to software architecture and programming languages to best practices for secure software development, mobile apps, agile working and much more. Have a read!

  • Techblog

    End-to-end-testing with Cucumber and Gherkin

    In their last project, our software engineers Pau Sánchez and Carlos Rodriguez worked on automated end-to-end tests for Flowers Software. In an innovative way.

  • Techblog

    Vulnerability Management: The 5 steps that benefit projects

    Projects benefit immensely if vulnerabilities in the system are detected early in the development process. The following article shows how successful vulnerability management works in 5 steps.

  • TalkAbout

    DER Touristik: A digital travel companion in 7 months

    Travel smart thanks to the brand new app from DER Touristik. We are very happy that we developed this app with the teams from Apollo and Intuity Media Lab within record time.

  • Techblog

    Are clean code and business value connected?

    Time is money, and this also applies to software development. Should developers spend more of their limited time in Clean Code?

  • Techblog

    Efficient testing for high software quality

    The release cycles of software are becoming shorter and shorter. For software testers, high software quality is challenging. The right balance of manual and automated tests brings the best results.

  • Techblog

    5 Important Skills for Mobile Testers

    The tasks of software testers in the field of mobile application development are very diverse and complex. Modern mobile applications are based on different systems that obtain their data from different interfaces. Mobile testers must therefore be able to test mobile applications in a short period of time to develop a high-quality product together with the development team on the market.

  • TalkAbout

    UX Trendstorming Workshop with KUKA

    What will the user experience (UX) of the future look like? Which trends are driving robot systems forward? The KUKA UX team found answers in our trendstorming workshop.

  • Techblog

    Developing operators for kubernetes

    Kubernetes operators have become not only a hot topic in the cloud-native community but have proven to be immensely useful in hybrid-cloud multi-tenant/team scenarios that we often encounter in IoT projects for our customers. This post looks at how operators support a DevOps approach through automation, how they enable hybrid cloud scenarios through unified APIs, and whether Go, Rust, or Python are better suited for Kubernetes operator development.