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We believe that knowledge becomes more when it is shared. That’s why our experts publish articles here that give practical tips for working in IT: From testing to software architecture and programming languages to best practices for secure software development, mobile apps, agile working and much more. Have a read!

  • TalkAbout

    UX Trendstorming Workshop with KUKA

    What will the user experience (UX) of the future look like? Which trends are driving robot systems forward? The KUKA UX team found answers in our trendstorming workshop.

  • Techblog

    Developing operators for kubernetes

    Kubernetes operators have become not only a hot topic in the cloud-native community but have proven to be immensely useful in hybrid-cloud multi-tenant/team scenarios that we often encounter in IoT projects for our customers. This post looks at how operators support a DevOps approach through automation, how they enable hybrid cloud scenarios through unified APIs, and whether Go, Rust, or Python are better suited for Kubernetes operator development.

  • TalkAbout

    Really good teams in project business

    Good teamwork is important. That is a no-brainer and not only since “agile” has become THE THING. Especially in IT consulting, requirement and projects change at short intervals. Therefore, teams constantly face new challenges on the technical side as well as in understanding the business side. The tasks are usually very complex. Here, really good […]

  • Techblog

    What is the blockchain?Transparent, decentralized, and incorruptible

    What is the blockchain? Insights into a new technology What is the blockchain? People are curious to know, even if they don’t belong to the millions who have already invested in bitcoin. Because the technology behind this cryptocurrency has the potential to revolutionize entire value chains. There is already talk of an “Internet of Values”. The […]

  • Techblog

    Bad sound design is hurting your users: why audio matters for VR

    Why is sound design so crucial for VR applications? What factors contribute to a good sound design? And how are those effects created? In this interview, Robert Vasenda (Head of Innovation Security, VR/AR and Mobile at MaibornWolff) discusses these questions with sound designer Mohamed Ben Jazia (Bnjmo, Senior Software Engineer Mobile & X-Reality at MaibornWolff), […]

  • Techblog

    IoT solutions don’t need to be complicated and can be developed quickly

    For our customer Green City Solutions we have implemented an IoT platform on a lightweight technological basis in just 4 months. This involved connecting moss trees, so-called CityTrees, to the Internet to control and monitor them. In this article you will find out what our solution looks like and whether this lightweight approach could also […]

  • Techblog

    Migrations with Node.js and PostgreSQL

    Every project that persists data has to inevitably face the fact that the structure of that data is not static and needs to adapt. The reasons for this are manifold: business requirements change, entities grow too large and need to be broken apart or performance issues require additional indices or denormalization. Today we will be […]

  • Techblog

    How we create (real) UnitTests for Unreal Engine with GoogleMock

    As a software consulting firm, we often work in demanding projects, e.g., from the automotive industry, which need a high degree of stability and maintainability. Specifically, in the department I work in (Mobile and X-Reality), we are doing lots of high polished mobile development on the one hand. On the other hand, we are also […]