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IT modernization options where there were none

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Software ages. Complex subject matter ages software faster. With age, options dwindle in terms of the ability to respond to new demands until there are none left. But with the right approach, this doesn’t have to be the case.

How we reach our goal

With a modernization audit, we find the particularly aged hotspots and provide recommendations for action. With a modernization project, we solve the hotspots, rejuvenate the software and make it ready for the future. If necessary, we also redevelop the software using modern technologies. We want them to always have all options.

Our key

We have developed methods and tools to identify software hotspots in the shortest possible time. In the course of modernization, we solve these, iteratively raise software to a new standard, and establish a culture for sustainable quality.

Develop software so that you can always respond to new options

Our commitment

A product with high architecture and code quality always offers options to react promptly to new requirements. If few options remain, the following questions emerge: I feel like we are slowing down. What is the reason? Why is this feature costing me months instead of weeks? What do I do with the inherited IT system? We audit software, modernize it and, if necessary, redevelop it with modern technologies, so that you always have all the options.

Quality and speed are not opposites. Those who choose quality reap speed.

From code analysis to new development

Our services

Modernization or new development? Before we make such a decision together with you, we take a close look at the code of the existing software, among other things.


Due diligence audit

A short, reduced audit that focuses only on analyzing the code quality of a software.


Modernization audit

In our modernization audit, we work with the original developers to analyze up to ten key issues, find hotspots, and develop recommendations for action



During an optimization, we support development teams in solving one or two hotspots in a limited period of time. The hotspots can come from an audit.

04 – A

Modernization project

We iteratively lift software to a new standard and establish a culture for sustainable quality.​

04 – B


If necessary, we also redevelop the software with modern technologies, so that it always has all the options.

For more software quality

How we work

We iteratively lift software to a new standard and establish a culture for sustainable quality. That’s why we value:​

The joy of discovery​​

Software construction methods and technologies are constantly evolving. We are always trying to improve, learn and are constantly experimenting.

Clean Code & architecture

We build high-quality software because everyone on the team strives to write simpler and more expressive code that reflects the domain.

Thinking outside the box

Software creates added value to the extent that it helps users solve problems. We know the technical possibilities and also help with original ideas to solve the problems even faster.

From XP to Clean Code

Our methods

We rely on the proven concepts of XP (Extreme Programming) and extend them with the insights of Continuous Delivery, Ensemble Programming or Domain-Driven Design. We add our own experience from audits, modernization and greenfield projects.

eXtreme Programming​

XP is the foundation of all successful agile projects because the method is the only one that talks about technical practices. We cannot imagine a project without CI, TDD, Pair Programming and collective ownership.

Continuous delivery​

“If you can’t deploy it right now, it’s not CD.” CD builds on the ideas of Xp and creates the prerequisite to be able to release hour by hour. We cannot imagine a project without a delivery pipeline

Ensemble programming​

Xp has established techniques to turn the dials beyond 10 to 11. Ensemble or Mob programming now turns the dial up to 12. Tools like help us to do this remotely.

Domain-driven design​

DDD offers a full toolbox of techniques and methods to reduce the accidental complexity of the domain and focus on the incidental complexity.

Clean Code​

Clean Code, Your Code as a Crime Scene, Philosophy of Software Design or Refactoring: We love material that inspires us to write simpler code. We think outside the box all the time and trying to get better.

For explorers

Our technologies

Wir entdecken ständig neue Technologien, verbessern bestehende und lösen alte ab. Vieles, was wir in Kunden- und Forschungsvorhaben einsetzen, entstand erst in den letzten fünf Jahren. ​Vielleicht findest du darunter deine Lieblingstechnologie oder hast eine Idee für ein (F&E-)Projekt, in dem wir mit ihr arbeiten können.

Programming languages

Java, Kotlin, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, Rust

Tech Stack

Pact, Wiremock, Xunit.Net​, Jest, Mocha, JUnit 5, Spring Boot, Kafka, Quarkus, Micronaut, Express, Scala, Fastify, MongoDB, Postgres, AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Kubernetes

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