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Distributed teamwork under time pressure

Software can be tested quickly together without being in the same place. This is proven by the first place of our testing team at the 3rd Test Challenge of the expert network ASQF.


For MaibornWolff, Christoph Menke, Nils Reichstein, Susanne Schnapper and Andreas Vogeser participated as a team in the Testing Challenge of the Arbeitskreis für Software-Qualität und Fortbildung (ASQF). After their victory, they told us more about the Challenge.

Kanban Board creates transparency

Christoph: “The preparation was totally important.  Since we had prepared the content for our report, the tools used and the questions for the product owner in advance, we were able to save valuable time.  We made our work transparent on a Kanban board and prioritised our tasks.

Time was totally tight. Towards the end, it got really tight again. The deadline was 12:30 and at 12:25 I realised that I hadn’t written down the email address for the test report. At 12:31 the email went out – unfortunately with a typo. So our report came a few moments too late, but luckily still in time.”

First Challenge for Trainee Andreas

For trainee Andreas, it was the first Test Challenge: “I didn’t think that the time pressure would be so high and that we would submit the report at the very last second. It was a great experience and a lot of fun. The biggest challenge for me was that you have to adjust to something in a very short time and also deliver it. Despite one mistake on my part, we made it and showed that you are allowed to make mistakes.

Explorative testing as a new experience

Quality Engineer Nils Reichenstein also didn’t quite know what to expect: “With Christoph, we had someone in the team who prepared us really well. The preparation really paid off in the end, because we had already made a template for a test report before the challenge, so that we could submit a structured and appealing test report. Exploratory testing was a new and therefore even more exciting experience for me.”

Pair Testing

Susanne, who only started as a trainee at MaibornWolff in mid-January, tested together with Christoph: “I am still carried away by this first team adventure. The WE as a team, the communication among each other, the standing together and feverish excitement at the award ceremony were very special experiences. I was able to get a taste of the Explorative Testing method with Christoph via Pair Testing and was able to take away a lot for my new professional field as a result.”

A cool, shared adventure where everyone learned new things and refreshed knowledge. An impressive collaboration that connected our testers in Augsburg, Darmstadt, Frankfurt and Hamburg. Thank you for your great commitment and your great organisation, dear Christoph.

The successful Testing Team donates the prize money to the Technical Relief Organisation and thus also supports the commitment of our colleague Sven Schirmer.

Thanks to the ASQF for organising this great Testing Challenge!

Christoph, Susanne, Nils and Andreas
Christoph, Susanne, Nils and Andreas