Aymen Ben Farhat

Aymen Ben Farhat

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Company Seminar: Every voice is being heard

At our company seminars we meet each other for learning and celebrating together. Our colleague Aymen Ben Farhat, one of our moderators at the Seminar in Bad Aibling, describes this special experience.

Drone group photo from the company attendees

What defines a company’s culture? How can we achieve truly flat hierarchy that we so desperately need to insure growth and stability in every institution in the modern age?

Making everyone feel comfortable contributing to every aspect of the business can bring forward new opportunities. But it is easier said than done.

So, I would like to share a recent experience that surely helped better understand the solution that we are looking for.

Our way of communication

During our last company for this year and the best one at that, I had the pleasure to be one of the moderators which gave me a new insight on how collaboration with managing directors and people from every seniority happens at MaibornWolff.

Moderators Aymen and Ramona
Aymen Ben Farhat and Ramona Erbe were part of the moderation team at our company seminar in Bad Aibling

Ever since I joined it was communicated to me crystal clearly that there are no taboo topics and no one is out of reach, but I think I never felt it to be as true as I did these last couple of days.

The discussions that were brought forward and the topics are something that usually only “higher ups” are allowed to have an input on in other culture’s such as the future of the company the business model and many more, but that is not the way MaibornWolff works.

Everyone was asked for his opinion

Every single employee was asked for his opinion through a range of workshops, different speakers and other activities: Just giving an input was not the only requirement we were also encouraged by senior staff to give valid criticism that everyone made sure to go through them one idea at a time, and further discuss them in bigger groups so we can have actual action item’s that we put into place. That’s how you know that your voice is being heard.

Attendes sitting in the company seminar
Every single of the 140 employee was asked for his opinion through a range of workshops, different speakers and other activities.

As one of the moderations team I had total creative freedom with what I was going to say and how I wanted to say it, and even felt appreciated for it. We share this feeling at Maibornwolff, regardless of our work location, whether in Germany, Tunis or Valencia.

From an employee to an investor

Having everyone feel their input appreciated and reacted on instantly by managing directors will increase their investment in the work. Personally, whenever one of my ideas is applied, I instantly turn from an employee to an investor that proposition because I’m no longer working for a salary I’m working for my own success and recognition. And to be honest that is one of the best feelings ever that not many can offer in the market now a days.

It was the experience of a lifetime, something I would surely do again, but as they say you never forget your first.

Moderators Aymen and Annika
The company seminar changed Aymen’s attitude to work. The picture shows him with co-host Annika Riedel.

Communication is coming from the heart

I hope that everyone who is reading this article is a bit enlightened about my perspective. I do believe that communication is better when it’s coming from the heart.

Thank you, MaibornWolff, especially Martina Beck and Florian Theimer, who were responsible for the company seminar in Bad Aibling on the part of the management, and everyone who was involved for such an opportunity.

Martina Beck and Florian Theimer
Martina Beck and Florian Theimer were responsible for the company seminar in Bad Aibling on the part of the management.