Golang -- great fit for Microservice-oriented architectures?

Context is king Comparing programming languages is tricky and mostly an unfair game, especially if no context is supplied. This article will focus on the contexts I have worked with in the recent years: Business software in a Microservice environment.

Anton Stöckl
21. January 2020

Supporting GPU with CoreOS

Machine learning is becoming an ever-bigger factor in Big Data analytics. To work with machine learning efficiently, we need to provide a fast way to train models. The best way to do that is by using GPUs to speed up the training.

Sebastian Wöhrl
11. September 2019

Adding GPU Support to DC/OS on CoreOS

Most big data tasks include data exploration and analysis. Normally, a data scientist wants to do this without repeating the same data processing steps every time, i.e. he wants to spend as little time as possible on data engineering and as much time as possible on the actual analysis.

Sebastian Wöhrl
10. January 2019

History of Neural Networks and Deep Learning

In a way, Deep Learning has been introduced for decades in the form of neural networks, enriched with many additional tricks that make very deep neural networks possible.

Fabian Hertwig
11. July 2018