Bad sound design is hurting your users: why audio matters for VR

Why is sound design so crucial for VR applications? What factors contribute to a good sound design? And how are those effects created?

4. March 2022

IoT solutions don’t need to be complicated and can be developed quickly

For our customer Green City Solutions we have implemented an IoT platform on a lightweight technological basis in just 4 months. This involved connecting moss trees, so-called CityTrees, to the Internet to control and monitor them.

29. April 2021

Migrations with Node.js and PostgreSQL

Every project that persists data has to inevitably face the fact that the structure of that data is not static and needs to adapt.

Raphael Pigulla
12. April 2021

How we create (real) UnitTests for Unreal Engine with GoogleMock

As a software consulting firm, we often work in demanding projects, e.g., from the automotive industry, which need a high degree of stability and maintainability.

8. April 2021

Why our Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure Advanced specialization is worthwhile

We have it: the "Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure Advanced Spezialiation". As the first German partner, by the way.

Marcel Gehlen
17. March 2021

Benchmarking Android, Java & Kotlin builds with gradle-profiler

Gradle builds contain complex tasks, many of which can be cached. Manually running a build three times on the same machine and then averaging the run time perhaps works for simple cases.

11. March 2021

Static code analysis in Node.js

JavaScript is a very powerful language. This has a lot of advantages, but it can also decrease the readability of your code if misused.

Tobias Walle
5. March 2021

Android App Modularization with Kotlin-DSL and KOIN

In this article, I would like to present a way on how to configure a multi-module project using Gradle Kotlin-DSL and the service locator library KOIN. I assume you are already familiar with modularization, Kotlin-DSL and KOIN.

5. March 2021

Talk CoAP to me – IoT over Bluetooth Low Energy

In this article, I will describe the setup of an Android app and a sensor with a focus on the Bluetooth communication between the two devices. We chose to use the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) as the communication protocol.

Matthias Nefzger
1. March 2021