Agile Enterprise Architecture: moving on the speed lane towards orientation

Alignment in Enterprise IT Management and getting results fast. A conflict?

Alexander Rudolf
15. April 2020

Connascence: Rules for good software design

Despite uncountable good

Richard Gross
2. March 2020

Dynamic Landscape: Cloud ecosystems at a glance

In a swiftly developing IT universe developers in a cloud native field are often confronted with vast number of tools, services and platforms. This sheer amount of possibilities can be quite overwhelming.

21. February 2020

Society Centered Design

When "User Centered Thinking" endangers society

Nicolas Olberg
7. February 2020

Decentralized Identities

Identities, DIDs, DID Documents and Verifiable Credentials This article should sharpen the understanding for what an identity is and how the representation of it on a decentralized platform can be of use.

21. January 2020

Golang -- great fit for Microservice-oriented architectures?

Context is king Comparing programming languages is tricky and mostly an unfair game, especially if no context is supplied. This article will focus on the contexts I have worked with in the recent years: Business software in a Microservice environment.

Anton Stöckl
21. January 2020

When faster horses become cars

"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." This quote is attributed to Henry Ford.

Julian Traut
13. January 2020

EVMuncher: Anti-Patterns in Smart Contracts finden

In this article I introduce EVMuncher. EVMuncher is an open source tool that checks Smart Contracts for non-optimized code. It shows how much gas is wasted. To understand how EVMuncher works, I first explain the following points:

Jacek Varky
19. December 2019

What does a digital designer do?

"Nic, I'm sorry, but what do you actually do at your job?"

Nicolas Olberg
2. December 2019