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Application questions:

Please send us your resume in English. If you have just finished your studies, please send us your diploma or academic certificates. If you already have professional experience, letters of reference or additional certificates are sufficient. 

You do not need to have the documents – except your resume – translated separately. Please send them to us in French. Of course, you can also send them to us in Arabic. 

The self-introduction is your chance to show us what kind of person you are. You’re free to get creative in the way you present it. We’d love to hear about you, what you’re passionate about, what hobbies you have, what technologies you’re passionate about, and where you want to go. 

The hands-on session is an exchange with our technical experts. In this part of getting to know you, we want to code together, structure processes or look at other challenges. We are not so much interested in the result; we would rather see how you approach the question.  

For questions for the Tunis location, please contact Ferdaoues Ouerhani ferdaoues.ouerhani@maibornwolff.de.

Immediately after receipt of your application, we will send you a confirmation of receipt. We always strive to move the rest of the process forward as quickly as possible. 

Pick a job and write in the notes box what other topics interest you. We look at your application with an open mind and consider with you where you might fit best. 

Under certain conditions, you can also transfer to another location. We would be happy to clarify what these look like in a personal meeting.

Questions about the onboarding/integration phase:

You are assigned a mentor during the first six months. You can also approach your manager with questions at any time. And of course, you can always count on the support of your colleagues in Tunis. 

Questions about development:

Yes, you can use your continuing education budget as you see fit and as it relates to your job. Because we are convinced that you know best what will take you further. If you need support, your manager, colleagues, or our Campus team will be there to help you. 

We have a salary model with levels. Once a year, there will be an employee appraisal in which you will discuss your development with your manager. If you have developed professionally, you move up a level. We also pay attention to a peer comparison so that the ratings are as fair as possible.

Questions about working at MaibornWolff: 

We have clients from a wide range of industries such as automotive, medical technology, household appliances, insurance, or logistics. 

All our clients are in Germany.

With us, you are free to choose how many days you work in the office and how many days you work from home. It would be nice if you were on site when colleagues from Germany are there or when we organize events.

We can’t tell in advance how much you’ll be traveling. Essentially, you should be willing to travel to Germany or Spain. 

Generally, six months.

Other questions:

Here you will find a summary of all the benefits we offer. 

It is possible under certain conditions. Nevertheless, this should not be your main motivation, as we cannot guarantee a change. 

We speak English and German.

German language skills are an advantage, but not mandatory. Some clients prefer communication in German, within the company and in the teams, English is the language spoken.

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