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The plus to your salary

Additional benefits

We have a fruit basket, foosball and coffee. But let’s be honest, that’s not something you’ll start with us for. In addition to your salary, you’ll benefit from many other additional benefits when you’re in a permanent position with us. Working students and trainees also receive benefits – with minor variations. We’ll be happy to explain all that in a personal conversation.


You have a contractually guaranteed budget of 1.5 gross monthly salaries at your free disposal.


With us you have 30 days to rest. If you work in a part-time model, you have a proportionate amount of time off.

Pension Supplement

We pay 2,520 euros per year into your company pension plan.

Work Time Account

Overtime is not the rule. If they are due, they do not expire. In demanding phases, you accumulate your overtime on your hourly account. In quiet phases, you balance them out again.

Flexible working hours

We do not have core working hours. You decide when you start and when you finish. The only condition: The cooperation with customers and in the team must work.

Free choice of workplace

In the office, at home or at one of our locations: You decide when and where you work after consultation with your team.

Central offices

Each of our locations has its own charm. All are centrally located and easily accessible by public transport.


You get an iPhone from us. You also have the choice between a Macbook or a Dell notebook. What you need beyond that, you decide.

Part-time models

You decide how many hours you want to work. We are flexible. You can also adjust your working hours on a monthly basis.

Company celebrations

Company seminar, Christmas party, project conclusion or division seminar – we like to celebrate our successes together and use the time for exchange and personal meetings.

Company bike

All our offices are easily accessible by bike. If you like, you can get a company e-bike as a leasing model.


Time off is no problem. The project business gives you the greatest possible flexibility – no matter what you use the time off for.

Sport with EGYM Wellpass

Thanks to our cooperation with EGYm Wellpass (formerly Qualitrain), you can choose from a wide range of sports, health or wellness courses and do what you enjoy.

Parental leave for all

With us, both mothers and fathers can take parental leave for a longer period of time – without having to fear a career setback.

Donation budget

Time off is no problem. The project Every year, employees are allowed to suggest organizations to which we make donations. You have 200 euros at your disposal, which you can allocate as part of our donation campaign.

Mobility budget

You can use your monthly budget for public transport, car sharing, e-scooters, everything to do with bicycles or even for refueling. Depending on how you use it, it’s even tax- and social security-free.

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