What makes us different

It’s all about people

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We get excited about technical advances

Technologies and methods are our tools, not our philosophy. We love openness and diversity, and we promote a culture of mutual respect. We feel personally connected to our projects and customers. We get personally involved in our projects — we approach our work with great enthusiasm. We put our heart into it!

And the reason we can do all that is because we put people first

We master your IT with thoroughness and precision. We eliminate artificial complexity. We use clear language — not words that can be confusing or misunderstood.

Data can’t become information until it’s made visible

We like to draw sketches because people have a need to visualize things. We represent your software systems as city maps so you can immediately find your way around.


To be useful, knowledge has to be accessible

Because people need to understand the knowledge that’s available to them, we use dashboards to present data. We use gamification to support your new processes.

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