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Our core mission: Making our customers' new business models possible through scalable, maintainable and reliable software. This is how we take responsibility with our customers for one digitization project after the next. From a prototype to a cloud-native project to an overall migration.

For each project we find the right team out of more than 600 consultants, digital designers, software architects and software crafters, DevOps experts, testing enthusiasts and experts for special concerns such as machine learning, security or blockchain.

For everything else, we partner with strong allies. For example, AWS.

Success for your project = MaibornWolff + AWS

We have been realizing customer benefits in the cloud for many years, and we took our first steps in the AWS cloud seven or more years ago. With AWS, we appreciate the breadth of services offered as well as the high flexibility in usage and tooling. Take advantage of our experience to make the most of your cloud project.

How we get you to your goal in the AWS Cloud is best demonstrated with a selection of our projects.



Virtual reality in production

We are developing an XR platform for a customer in order to set up production lines virtually: processes and arrangements are tested and optimised in virtual reality before the expensive set-up work ist carried out on the shopfloor.

The various use cases can be experienced in Virtual Reality and can also be displayed on 2D output devices. For the aggregation, processing and automated provisioning of three-dimensional data objects, we have developed a scalable and extensible infrastructure in the AWS Cloud.

The solution helped 2020 prepare the conversion for a new production line during Corona crisis without delays. Another use case: vehicle models are represented in detail, to be worked with collaboratively across locations. Designers and engineers examine and discuss the models in real time from all over the world.


The 3D experience platform becomes a uniform basis for the virtual experience and visualization of various conception and planning processes.

Rebuild Cash Cow for AWS Migration

One of our customers migrates their entire IT with countless legacy systems to the AWS cloud. The new platform is event-driven and uses Apache Kafka as the backbone with a microservices and micro-frontend architecture.

We provide two teams for strategic projects. One team develops two online stores, the central sales platforms for our client's two brands. A second team is developing group-wide services such as the common login, common email services and the like. The entire migration is scheduled to take several years. We have been involved since 2019. The work with the customer and other service providers - there are between 50 and 100 developers involved - is organized in an agile way according to Nexus.


From prototype to cost-optimizing architecture

In 2016, we started with the software prototype for a German corporation to evaluate the technical feasibility for a product vision. In the meantime, the fully elastic environment with microservices runs completely on AWS. The initial setup of Java in Docker, followed by Java in Kubernetes, was extended partially with serverless applications.

Over the years, the project has grown into a large application, with very many inbound and outbound interfaces covering complex business logic. The overall architecture of the system is designed to be cost-effective and fail-safe. Monitoring is essential for this:

Observability and On-call

  • We run the system with a self-written alerting tool based on Lambda.
  • High system stability with few alerts that require manual intervention. This means that there is little on-call duty.
  • After the initial setup, we operated the entire system without interruption, including during a migration between two accounts and despite the complete failure of the data center at one point in time.

Cost Efficiency

  • Cost optimization became especially important after we expanded the single-client approach to multi-client capability.
  • With the resilient microservice architecture, we are able to operate the application on 100 percent spotinstances.


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