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High performance applications

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Nowadays, software-based business models are operated almost entirely on cloud platforms. That's where applications run at their peak. Speed, load and flexibility are the disciplines in which cloud-native apps excel.


Cloud First

With a microservices architecture and tools from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) stack, we ensure the operability of your application in a cloud of your choice. You enjoy maximum flexibility at an optimal cost-benefit ratio for the production environment of your application.

Like the back of your hand

Use the possibilities of a proven observability stack for your own application: Through log analysis with ElasticSearch, Kibana and FluentD / Logstash you are always tuned in to your application. Thanks to monitoring tools such as Grafana or Prometheus, you will get to know your application better than any application before.



The magic word RESILIENCE

Whether it's with Chaos Engineering or the Netflix stack, give your distributed application the resilience it deserves. You can finally feel at ease when a server fails without the user's notice. Your application can overcome this. 

Discover our approach

A cloud-native app rarely remains alone. If you enjoy the benefits of one application, you will want to follow others in their footsteps. Therefore a good understanding of observability, monitoring or resilience pays off.

Work it out with our specialists on a get-to-know-each other day. After a brief introduction on cloud-native technology, you will work in a hands-on session with the relevant concepts. Talk to us:

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