Augmented und Virtual Reality Engineering

What if you had ultimate strength?


You don't need an unlimited bank account or superhero powers. Augmented and Virtual Reality enable you to plan your factory, for example - as if money didn't matter and big machines weighed nothing at all. Optimize your prototypes even before the first screw is bolted.


Virtual Reality creates clarity in complexity

Complex problems can be simple. It's a matter of perspective. Virtual reality makes abstract concepts and metrics almost tangible. One such example is the MaibornWolff Software City in VR: We portray source code of large software projects as a software city. The lines of code determine the height of the buildings. Buildings with low test coverage are red. With the city tour, you immediately understand where the hot spots of your software project are located.

Enjoy the possibilities of Augmented Reality

With Augmented Reality you can bring virtual objects to life. These can be items, information and data. Stand out from the crowd and add virtual content to your products. Present your USPs so vividly that your customers seize them with fascination.



What's your idea?

Marketing, tourism, process optimization, manufacturing, training, education or indoor navigation: Virtual and Augmented Reality are incredibly versatile. How can AR and VR further improve your everyday life or your product? We look forward to your ideas: In our design thinking workshops, we work with you to identify the most valuable use cases. Upon request, we can also implement them for you - as a cost-effective proof-of-concept or as a fully featured product.


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