#whatsonyourmind, Silas Graffy?

"Three conditions for good code"


Under the hashtag #whatsonyourmind Silas Graffy describes what moves him. Silas is a Software Crafter at MaibornWolff. He says:

Bad code is not caused by bad developers, but by bad framework conditions! Yes, there are also inexperienced developers. But code could be so much better if three conditions were met:

The first condition for good code is that development teams must be allowed to decide on methodology and technology. This starts with the rooms: Do we need a large project room or individual offices for a particular project? What does our hardware and software look like? Is our approach sensible and appropriate to the task? And, of course, an excellent infrastructure inspires the teams - each and every one of you has certainly experienced this before.

The second condition for good code is a sensible economic framework. Here Silas is mainly concerned with the fixed-price dilemma: When the date and price are fixed, often only the quality is variable. In order to maintain your claim to quality, you should take a close look at the range of functions. Silas' basic rule here: "First implement the important features." You find out what these are in partnership with users, customers and customers - this is important, because in some working models the users of a software are completely decoupled from the dev teams.

The third condition for good code is the team's self-image. Working on eye level, further training and responsibility are essential. If you live up to responsibility in the team, you will see the positive effects on many small decisions. This works where there is a culture of error in an anxiety-free space, best characterized by mutual trust. The whole project team should develop a common vision and a common understanding of the meaning and goal of its task.

This is exactly the goal of agility. However, soft factors are more difficult to introduce than a daily standup in the SCRUM. If you simply copy something like that because you think: "That's how agile works", it's a cargo cult. Agility has to be understood and lived.


Do you feel the same way about your projects? What do you experience when coding? Whats on your mind? Our Software Crafter are looking forward to your opinion!