Research & development

One week per employee for R&D

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Your door to the latest approaches and technologies

With investing at least one week per employee in research & development, we can ensure you always have access to the most successful approaches and the latest technologies.

From social design to quality management

Take advantage of our social design tools and Luxx profiles. We can manage employees, resources, costs and quality assurance for you. Our employees will learn skills especially for your projects through our comprehensive continuing education program.

From IoT to test automation

Enjoy access to a wide range of expertise including IoT, DevOps, IT modernization, governance and control, gamification, mobile engineering, cloud engineering, and test automation—to name just a few recent examples.

New contacts inspire new services

In our software engineering expert network, we exchange ideas with CIOs and IT architects at leading corporations to learn about current issues and best practice in the industry. The result is a range of new IT services tailored to you and your requirements.


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