Our customers

We use IT to broaden our customers’ horizons


Our customers include some of Germany’s best-known corporations

We’re proud of the business relationships we have established. They last for many years because we have the same goals as the people we work with. It’s not unusual for business contacts to turn into friendships.


Recent projects in the automotive industry

  • BMW – The IFCM project
    IFCM combines all available service information on a single mobile device. Service consultants can provide immediate and authoritative information. Mechanics can work faster and more efficiently. Networked data means better, higher-quality service.

  • BMW – The AIDA project
    Unified business IT for vehicle E/E at BMW: AIDA reduces overall E/E architecture complexity. Software components and business functionality become clear and accessible. BMW’s IT architects are empowered to simplify and streamline in-vehicle network designs.

  • BMW – The Q-DRIVE project
    IT process consulting and gamification for new quality processes at BMW: new quality processes are evaluated and communicated. The teams experience the new processes literally with model cars on a game board.

  • BMW – The App Center Mobile Engineering project
    Mobile software architecture and development (iOS and Android) and a mobile API for BMW. BMW apps and MINI apps connect BMW backend services with vehicles via a smart phone. The result is clear and accessible IT, a closer relationship to the vehicle—and more fun with the ultimate driving machine.

  • BMW – The BA.online project
    Vehicle-specific operating manuals on the internet: Either online or on their smartphones, BMW drivers now have access to operating manuals which match their specific vehicle’s configuration exactly.


Current projects in the tourism industry

  • DER Touristik – The ENGIS project
    Technical program management and test management for e-commerce at DER Touristik.
  • DER Touristik – The Illusions project
    An application developed to import and manage pricing for hotels contracting with DER Touristik Köln.
  • Thomas Cook
    Maintenance and ongoing development of the procurement system at Thomas Cook

Current projects in the transportation industry

  • DB Fernverkehr – The Z² project
    Z² will replace the existing production planning system. Z² allows planners to integrate the increasing number of changes they face more efficiently while maintaining high planning quality. The integration of various planning steps in a single application reduces inefficient cross-system processes.
  • Swiss Federal Railways
    IT test management for various systems of the Swiss Federal Railways.

Additional recent projects

  • FIFA – The IFES project
    An audit to evaluate FIFA’s IT system environment

  • local.ch – IT modernization and new production processes
    Analyze the system landscape, define tasks and generate a roadmap, select vendors, rollout. Automation and increased efficiency reduce costs and enhance clarity across the entire process chain. New products and pricing models offer greater differentiation for target groups.

  • Payback
    Software development in scrum teams, IT test management at Payback

  • CreditPlus – The ProFinance project
    Test management for cutover to the SEPA release of the core CreditPlus system.

  • Deutsche Telekom – The FMPDH/SDH project
    IT maintenance and development for Deutsche Telekom.

  • Infineon
    Maintenance and development work on the VPA sales application at Infineon.

You get the benefits of proven methods and strategies

Alongside our IT skills, what matters most is the domain expertise we have for the projects we work on. Since we follow a proven methodology, we are continually able to transfer strategies we’ve used for prior solutions to different customers and industries.