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We use IT to broaden our customers’ horizons

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Our customers include some of Germany’s best-known corporations

We’re proud of the business relationships we have established. They last for many years because we have the same goals as the people we work with. It’s not unusual for business contacts to turn into friendships.

"The people at MaibornWolff work together with our experts from all departments until they have a detailed knowledge of the business processes."

Claus Sprave, Lichtblick


"How was the night, Mrs Schmidt?"

"I work with MaibornWolff because I'm looking for people who won't just do anything I say."

Stefan Metzenauer, BMW Group


Agile approach introduced company-wide

"Many people are not aware that IT is only a means to an end - it's different at MaibornWolff."

Aleksandr Libertin, Flughafen München


Is there power for my car here?

You benefit from proven methods and strategies

In our work, in addition to our IT competence, knowledge of the professionalism in the projects also counts. Since we proceed methodically, we can always transfer strategies of our solutions to other customers and industries.

The IoT platform in four months

"We have experienced an absolutely precise and comprehensible work in the SCRUM project at the highest level. Thank you very much."

Peter Puhlmann, CTO Green City Solutions GmbH

Fail-safe, auditable, automatable

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