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Demand excellence

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We use IT to unleash your potential

We use IT to take you to the next level. To put your company a step ahead. To help you become an even better leader.

Each of the over 600 MaibornWolff employees was hand selected

Each and every one of us has presented our special skills and personal interests in a comprehensive application process.


Passion, responsibility and excellence

Our employees hone their skills on a daily basis, making use of their talents for communicating, enjoying the time they spend together and showing an enormous amount of loyalty to MaibornWolff’s brand promise:

Our Brand Values: Passion, Responsibility, Excellence, and Inspiration


  • Passion
    We feel emotionally connected to our projects and customers. We get personally involved in our projects — we approach our work with great enthusiasm. We put our heart into it!

  • Responsibility
    Our customers give us responsibility when they entrust their project goals to us. We know very well that you are counting on us to keep our promises and deliver excellent results—on  time  and for the agreed price. That’s why we plan thoroughly, and only make promises we know we can keep.

  • Excellence
    Excellence is the lofty goal we set for ourselves, realizing no one can achieve it 100 percent of the time. Even more reason to put all our effort into doing the very best work our team is capable of. We never settle for ‘good enough’. Instead, we fight hard to do things just that little bit better. That means we’re honest when something’s not right, and we listen and react to feedback in a constructive way.

  • Inspiration
    With human-centered methods we trigger intrinsic motivation within teams. It's part of our culture to think out of the box, and we do love changing our perspective on things. Working with us and applying our methods, people regularly show their surprise when they dicsover what they are able to achieve.

Our employees make sure your IT project:

  • reflects your company’s value proposition

  • is completed within resource, budget  and time constraints

  • is implemented using the right methodology—at the right quality level  and with the right technology

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