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Anyone can take. And give!

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In many customer projects and internal applications at MaibornWolff, open source software is a natural neighbour of proprietary software.

The difference: Open Source Software thrives on the give and take of the developer community. We are happy to be part of it! Besides many small fixes for problems or bugs, we have made a number of our developments from customer or R&D projects open source.

Below we present a few highlights. More can be found in the GitHub account of MaibornWolff.

Code as City Imagery: CodeCharta

CodeCharta makes structures in code visible. IT, business and management benefit from the intuitive presentation in the audit tool.

  • CodeCharta at GitHub: Link

Flagships for the DC/OS Universe

On the basis of a current customer project we are developing some tools for DC/OS from Mesosphere. Our favorites: dcos-deploy and Airfield.


Deploy, manage and orchestrate services and applications on DC/OS

  • dcos-deploy at Github: Link


Airfield is our tool for creating Zeppelin instances.

  • Introduction in the blog: Link
  • Airfield at Github: Link

Game cards structure scenario-based testing

In scenario-based testing, test experts deliberately view a use case from different angles. This makes test cases versatile and covers a broader spectrum of system behavior. Our test experts structure the procedure with scenario maps. The templates are now available for download at GitHub.


Overview in the Microservices Topology

We make connections between microservices and properties of services automated visible.

  • Microservices-Visualisierer at GitHub: Link


Go, Microservice

gomic is a minimalist skeleton for microservices in golang. It supports MongoDB, RabbitMQ, Prometheus, Health Checks and customizable HTTP endpoints. Click here to go to the Repository on Github.

OpenSource projects for Ethereum and other DLT

As a relatively young technology, the blockchain world has room for tools that we know from regular development work. Here is a selection. 


Frameworks, test environments and all kinds of tools for testing and ensuring quality in the Ethereum project - all in one place.

  • EDEN at Github: Link


This is our tool to deploy and use the Ethereum Name Service on a private block chain.

  • ENS at Github: Link

Pay employees in Bitcoin? Works with this web app.

  • Introduction at medium: Link
  • at Github: Link

Testville: Key figures as a city metaphor

And city again: Testville visualises, analyses and presents test automation and test management data for audits and status meetings.

  • Testville at Github: Link

Incidentally, the similarity to CodeCharta is no coincidence: the two projects are close relatives.


Easy log monitoring with elcep

ELCEP stands for "Elastic Log Counter Exporter for Prometheus". And it does just that: A light-weight go service acts as a Prometheus exporter and provides metrics based on query results against an Elasticsearch instance.

  • More about elcep at medium: Link
  • elcep at GitHub: Link

Quick overview

This is a selection of our projects. You can see the complete and always up-to-date overview in the MaibornWolff Github account.