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Whether for technical prototypes, your MVP or a full-blown web platform: With our team, you get the support of real experts for Azure and Azure Kubernetes.

Benefit from our experience from comparable customer projects and the knowledge we have proven in numerous certifications.



What expect from us

To fully benefit from a relocation to Azure and AKS, a high rate of automation is needed. Productivity and efficiency are increased by automated deployments of infrastructure and services using CI/CD, while mechanism like auto-scaling and a resilient design guarantee high availability of your platform.

Are your systems and applications "cloud ready"? We will help you to identify the necessary steps and plan in a joint preparation. No matter whether you want to lift and shift existing applications or refactor your services in the way of the “12 factor app”: We are ready for every scenario!

Aside from setting up your Azure platform, one of our biggest goals is getting your team ready to become AKS experts. With modern techniques like pair programming, your employees will be involved in every step and learn directly from our experienced professionals.

Your new AKS isn’t of much value, if you have no clue what’s going on inside. We'll help you setting up broad observability for logging, monitoring, tracing, and alerting, so you are well prepared for everything that’s way ahead.

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Facing your next project in Microsoft Azure? Tell our Azure experts about your vision. We'll be happy to complement it with technical expertise. We look forward to work on our guiding priciple for our joint project.

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