Cloud Migration: Understanding the scope

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Your cloud migration needs more than technology. For long-term success you need to address all three dimensions of business, people and technology. To identify the most important first steps for your successful cloud migration we invite you to a one-day workshop. Here, we systematically consider your priorities in seven spheres: Strategy, application development, methodology, organization, business model, security and infrastructure.

Gap analysis leads to Top3-Todos

The goal is a quick overview of where you stand and what you want to achieve. To this end, we clarify the most important points of your cloud migration in a preliminary call and visualize it for the stakeholders' discussion in our one-day workshop. At the end of the day, you will prioritize the top 3 todos that you want to tackle first.


Efficient and systematic: Check in seven spheres

The workshop will uncover your current operation's situation and your goal in these seven spheres:

  • In the strategy sphere, you will work towards cloud governance and focus on cloud providers' offerings in cost and technology.
  • In the application sphere you identify the applications that drive your business and thus are first contenders in the transition to cloud-native applications.
  • In the organizational sphere, you will look at your current state regarding DevOps as cultural technique that goes hand in hand with cloud-native.
  • The methodology sphere addresses the change process needed to succeed in the transition. 
  • The business sphere spotlights the connection to new products or digital business models.
  • In the security sphere you consider requirements such as identity management, authentication or authorization in distributed architecture.
  • In the infrastructure sphere we talk about hybrid approaches, geography and provider selection.

Overview after one day

Our proven workshop structure provides an overview in an efficient, stakeholder-oriented way of working: The stakeholders of your cloud initiative will gain a comprehensive understanding a comprehensive understanding of the current status, the target picture and prioritizations.


Gain clarity about the maturity of your IT landscape for cloud migration in the shortest possible time and identify your most important todos. Make your workshop appointment today. Write an E-Mail to Matthias Ostermaier and Marcel Gehlen.

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