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The DIN standard EN ISO 9241-110 on "Ergonomic requirements for office work with visual display terminals" describes of design patterns for dialogue options in seven principles. We translate the requirements into a deck of cards, our usability cards. Use the easily understandable format with cards to identify pressing needs for action in your application's usability. Alternatively, you can use the cards as a guideline during the design phase.

Meaningful feedback before asking end users

The heuristic evaluation method provides you with an usability assessment of your system's user interface even before testing those with actual end users. Reveal usability weaknesses of an interactive system early on. Working with the usability maps is cost-effective, gets you to your goal efficiently and is fun!

Give it a try!


Download your map set - including VR

The usability cards are suitable for checking your desktop, mobile and web application.

Furthermore, they include guidelines for user interface design in an highly immersive VR application.

Please find the Usability Cards by MaibornWolff here as download:

Usability Cards with VR

Usability Cards without VR

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