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"I want to get new features online fast."

What is so easily said starts at the very bottom of the tool landscape of IT projects. The prerequisite for the continuous delivery of features is a tailor-made test automation system.


One test automation for many concerns

For unit tests, integration and interface tests or load and performance tests: When customizations are delivered directly or features go live quickly, developers need rapid feedback on the impact of their changes.

Driven Development and Behaviour Driven Development provide scenarios that the code must pass. In this way, developers can see whether the code correctly implements the technical aspects. This will prevent quality problems before they occur.



Quality begins with the placement

Not every surface test is a good candidate for automation. And even though we have had good experience with tools like Selenium, RestAssured, JUnit5: What brought the breakthrough in one project can play a subordinate role in the next. We identify the test cases in your project, whose automation brings relevant time savings. For these automated test cases you can expect the same code quality as in the source code.


Targeted to the test data

The success of any test automation stands and falls with the test data. We work with you to find the right strategy for your project, depending on prioritized features, integration into the system landscape and regulatory requirements.



Your test strategy has many facets!

test automation is essential for fast turnaround times when delivering software. In addition, end-to-end tests ensure service functions and professionalism. Exploratory test methods use manual procedures to reveal novel errors and risk areas (more). With collaborative testing methods, teams jointly find weaknesses in the user interface. Today, the interaction of the different test methods results in quality for your software.

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