It takes a team to create a success: 1st place in "Germany's Best Employers 2020"

27. February 2020    Bei MaibornWolff / Great Place to Work

In the cross-industry benchmark Great Place to Work© , the MaibornWolff team has been praised for the third time in a row for first place in its category for 251 to 500 employees.

Two factors determine the performance in the benchmark study: the result of a survey among employees and the evaluation in the independent culture audit. In 2020 MaibornWolff makes the leap into the top ten of the award-winning employers for the 8th time in a row. For the third time the team can look forward to a first place in its category. One of the reasons for the consistently good performance is the improvements that MaibornWolff derives every year from the assessment of its employees: Managing directors and executives compare the survey results with previous years. If the approval rate drops on one or more points, better solutions will be sought for this or these organisational issues next year.

Always Improve Further

At the end of 2018, for example, the topic of how employees can contribute ideas and suggestions to the company's development was on the agenda.

In the employee survey, this is reflected, among other things, in the approval to the statement: "Managers seriously seek and respond to suggestions and ideas from employees". In the penultimate survey, the approval rate from the team was 92 percent, this year it rose to 95 percent.

Between the two surveys there were several initiatives aimed at transparency and participation, for example the GF Council. In this "employee parliament", team members from all areas of the company and independent of their level of seniority discuss important issues in the company's future. For example, the rules on travel time were clarified here. The GF Council also advised on the reformulation of the salary model or the decision for the new office in Darmstadt.

Other new formats have also proved their worth, such as the GF Q&A session as an evening event at the offices or as an open barcamp session at the summer seminar of the whole company. Also the GF-live channel is regularily used as a feedback and discussion channel.

More than 600 companies of all sizes and from all sectors took part in the competition nationwide "Germany's Best Employers 2020". Based on the employee survey and the culture audit, the independent institute Great Place to Work® determines the list of the best employers and differentiates the benchmarking according to the size of the companies.

About MaibornWolff

500 employees advise, code and test in mission-ciritcal digitisation projects. With digital design, UCD and enterprise architecture, agile methods and DevOps, in cloud-native projects, with web applications and IoT platforms, in web and mobile and IT modernisation projects, with blockchain, machine learning or XR, the teams from seven locations assume responsibility for the projects of renowned customers.

Employees invest an additional monthly salary each year for training for an average of more than six days of training. Work-life balance, working time account, family-friendly working conditions, cafeteria, sports facilities and joint leisure activities create an award-working atmosphere.