Digital Design

The building plan of your
digital product

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When you build a house, you don't just order craftsmen and get started. Instead you design with an architect your wishes into a building plan. Why should you apply different standards to your digital challenges?

Rely on Digital Designer as the professional architects and site managers of your project.

Aimed at doing the right thing

When it comes to taking the right direction in your IT project and laying a solid foundation, you don't just need a team of programmers. Our craftsmen erect solid masonry and have the interior work done quickly. But site managers and good architects support the construction with designs and models.

 For us this discipline is called Digital Design.

Modeling expertise for coding

Digital Designers with a deep understanding of technology and the necessary tools to develop the right functions of your product in good quality. To do this, they think through and shape your idea, design solutions that you confirm or reject, and translate solutions so that they can be implemented in software. We cast them into use cases, process models, mock-upsuser stories and data models.

So your vision gradually becomes the blueprint for the feature team.



Hand in hand with the product owner

As digital designers we work closely with you. In the fast-paced world of everyday projects, we make sure that epics and user stories stay within the corridor of your product vision. We maintain an overview for a sensible sequence of expansions, take initial user feedback into account in planning and advise you if re-prioritisation becomes necessary.

Gaining speed and quality

The benefit of the different disciplines in the feature team leads to a higher velocity in the team and a higher quality of the product. Do you want to get your product faster, in higher quality and at predictable costs?

Very good. That's exactly what you get from us.

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