Honored: MaibornWolff's IoT Bike Team Wins Mobilitython at IAA

17. September 2021    Data Analytics / Data Engineering / Data Science / Internet der Dinge


14 Days Hackathon. 2 Challenges. 1st place. The IoT bike team from MaibornWolff beat out participants from all over the world to win the Mobilitython in the Smart City IoT category at IAA Mobility 2021.

On Saturday, September 11, 2021, Yannick Vornehm, Andreas Denk, Marius Wichtner, Kyluke McDougall, Matthias Puchta and Florian von Unold were honored for their outstanding performance on the Main Stage of the IAA.

The challenge

How can bicycles communicate smartly with each other? That's what Mobilitython partner wanted to know from the participants. The teams had 14 days to build a prototype, develop a marketing concept and create a business model. For the Challenge, the MaibornWolff team was, among other things, on site at the IAA Mobility, presented our IoT bike solution and "hacked" live in front of an audience.  

The challenge revolved around an app developed by The app is connected to a tracker that can be installed in e-bike batteries. The tracker makes it possible to control various features, such as theft protection. For example, if the bike is moved after it has been locked, the tracker automatically sends data for tracking. For the hackathon, now wanted to know how to intelligently use the data collected by the tracker. And, what happens when you network many different bikes together.   

Our IoT Bike Solution

With our IoT-Bike solution, we already networked bicycles via cell phone sensors. Our smartphone app IoT-Bike continuously collects data about a city's bike path infrastructure - simply while riding without any additional hardware. Data is collected from the acceleration, gyroscopic and GPS sensors built into the smartphone. This data is then used to generate information about the condition of the roads and bike paths. In addition to road conditions, this includes information about unusual driving behavior, such as evasive and braking maneuvers, or waiting times. The data is transferred anonymously to the cloud and visualized in a dashboard.


If you don't see a video here, switch to YouTube.

Together with the data of many other cyclists, this crowdsourcing approach creates a constantly updated overall picture of the quality of a city's cycling infrastructure and safety.

Our winning pitch at IAA Mobility 2021

We feed the data that provides into our proven data science solution. We then analyze the collected data and send it to the city to improve the infrastructure.

A large part of the revenue generated by this goes back to the cyclists in the form of Miles. These miles - bonus points collected with every kilometer ridden - can be used to buy products from or renew subscriptions. Other revenues go to for providing the technical infrastructure and to MaibornWolff for implementing and developing the solution.

Gruppenfoto der Mobilitython Gewinner

Das Gewinner-Team von l. n. r: Yannick Vornehm, Kyluke McDougall, Marius Wichtner, Andreas Denk, Florian von Unold

Our concept enables all stakeholders - from cyclists to the city to and MaibornWolff - to act economically while efficiently improving urban infrastructure.

  • The city receives the data it needs to prioritize infrastructure improvements.
  • Users are rewarded for providing bicycle data.
  • can strengthen its cycling community while increasing online store sales.
  • We all benefit from better cycling infrastructure and cleaner cities.

The Mobilitython is a rapid prototyping competition with a focus on open innovation and open data that took place as part of the IAA Mobility 2021. More information is available here.