sorry, but cancelled: Node.js Meetup in Frankfurt

26. February 2020    Software Development / Web-Entwicklung

Frankfurter Büro

The Node.js meetup in our Frankfurt Office is postponed until further notice. It was planned for Thursday, March 26. 

We share the agenda wiotj you in any case since we hope to re-create this meetup after the lockdown has been loosened.

Node.js experts Bethany Griggs, Node.js TSC member and software runtime developer at IBM UK, and Mathias Buus, Node.js collaborator, hacker and distributed systems expert, will be present.

The lecture by Bethany Griggs is called "Chronicles of the Node.js ecosystem: the consumer, the author, and the maintainer" and deals with questions such as: What happens to decommissioned modules? How can a module author test the effects of his changes on dependent applications?

In his talk "Writing native Node.js modules in 2020" Mathias Buus shows the newest and best native modules using many examples and unpacks stories from his own wealth of experience.

The organizers Ruben Bridgewater and Volker Tietz would like to use the Meetup to support interested people and communities to learn continuously and do great work with Node.js

Please find the meetup group here. If you want to know stay in the loop about the event, you can follow the Node.js Frankfurt Meetup on Twitter: @nodejsfrankfurt