Mobile engineering

The part of your system that’s closest to your users


Your first consideration must always be the core system, not the user’s device

Mobile applications add value to your core system. Mobile devices are a part of your users’ lives. We support you at every turn — from designing the user experience through to implementation and rollout.

Focus, responsibility and security are the keys to success

Mobile software must work well anywhere people choose to use it. Good mobile applications are effortless to use and rapidly become something users can’t imagine being without. You get consulting, business and IT plans, security, usability, agile development for iOS and Android, mobile testing, and backend integration — all from a single source.


Master the diversity of the mobile world

Our reference architecture helps you stay ahead of the wide range of mobile platforms and devices. Standardized modules provide a foundation that includes core functionality such as communications and security. These modular components leave you free to concentrate on the business logic of your apps. Our reference architecture makes your apps run smoothly on mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android. You gain the agility necessary to adapt to the platforms of the future.

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