Scenario-based testing cards

Develop testing ideas in a structured way

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With scenario-based testing, test experts develop views on a use case from different angles. This makes test cases versatile, thus covering a broader spectrum of system behavior.

The Software Testing department at MaibornWolff developed scenario cards in a R&D project to support scenario-based testing.

You can download them at GitHub.

Map templates as open source

Test experts use the scenario maps for different goals:

  1. Scenarios are a good source for test ideas and the creation of test cases.
  2. Use scenarios as impulse generator / driver for the creation of versatile test cases.
  3. Collect ideas as a first graphical notes that serve as for more detailed test cases to be created.
  4. Scenario-based test designs often brings new requirements to light.

We provided the print templates for our scenario cards as OpenSource download files at GitHub.

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