Teambox – we have booked a team for you!

Your digitalization idea goes live in a few months!

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We have booked a complete team for you

At the Kraftwerk in Munich's Drygalski-Allee, our team works together with you in a development space that is equipped exactly for the Teambox. In a few months your digitization idea will go live! For 850.000 Euro all-inclusive. Simple, fast and secure.

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The Teambox is there for movers and shakers who prove that digitalisation works.

Alexander Hofmann, Technical Managing Director

Your Teambox is divided into four phases

  • Pitch: 2 days intensive - free for you. Included in the price:
  • Preparation: one month - 3 people from us, 3 from you.
  • Programming: three months - 10 people from us, 3 from you.
  • Production Transfer: 2 days intensive - 3 people from us, 3 from you.


Phase 1: Pitch

In two days you explain your idea and we present the team and the procedure. Then we ask each other critical questions. At the end of the two days we decide together whether we will do this. 

For preparation you will receive a pitch paper from us.

Phase 2: Preparation

We make all the arrangements. Professionally, technically and organizationally. With human-centered methods we create an initial backlog.

Phase 3: Programming

We work consistently agile with a strict schedule. Our team consists of very different people: They can implement any task to make your idea reality. We rely on modern architectural concepts that can be developed flexibly.

We'll do six two-week sprints: Your product owner and two business experts are integrated into the team. They are with us at the Kraftwerk the whole time. Effective testing is part of your project right from the start. The same goes for user experience: Your solution will inspire your users right away!

We promise that your idea will go live within a few months!

Phase 4: Production Transfer

We place great value on a proper professional and technical handover to your operating team.



We developed the Teambox because we have been experiencing for 28 years why IT projects succeed. The special thing about it is: We work goal-oriented, focused and uncompromisingly according to our approach.

Volker Maiborn, Managing Director

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