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Connect instead of control

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Connect management, departments and IT

Comprehensive plans and standardization specifications are becoming less and less effective. The market demands speed: Agile ways of working and BizDevOps models ensure this. Enterprise architects are now rethinking - they are networking self-sufficient IT product teams and containing IT slums.


Different product teams pull together

Enterprise Architects keep track of domain-oriented software and its interfaces. They foster binding agreements between teams and facilitate collaboration. Their focus has migrated away from control to enabling.


Enterprise Architects adapt their EA methodology to agile ways of working and empower informed decision-making. And they point the way through the jungle of architectural concepts - be it cloud setups, microservices or event-driven architectures.


Alignment instead of product silos

Your teams work autonomously, to be able to implement software in an agile way. Without alignment, product silos are created. This leads to redundancies in software and inconsistencies in data. Collaborative Enterprise Architecture prevents that - and your product teams stay agile.

The goal is called: Collaborative Enterprise Architecture

Collaborative Enterprise Architecture strikes a balance between alignment and autonomy, between visions in the ivory tower and decisions in the product team.


Where do you stand?

With a short audit we analyze your IT landscape, your IT organization and your IT processes. And we look at your collaboration culture. As a result, you will receive concrete measures for improvement. Talk to us. The ideal time? Now: Dr. Michael Beck: 0151 544 22 103

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