#whatsonyourmind, Martin Zehetmayer?

"Talk to each other"


Under the hashtag #whatsonyourmind Martin Zehetmayer describes what moves him. Martin is DevOps Engineer at MaibornWolff. He says:

Software developers don't talk to people about software operations? Please don't just throw your code over the wall. "Tear down this wall", to say it with Ronald Reagan: It's all about people. Technically, good code is not a problem.

That sounds obvious, but it's apparently not. Developers need to realize that working code doesn't yet result in a working system - it also needs the infrastructure.

Where development and operations grow together to DevOps, code quality increases and delivery cycles become shorter: Hey, we are all in one team, talk to each other and we can react faster. DevOps is a mindset.

Where customers still set barriers, you have to change the culture: Show examples, start successful "submarine" projects and, of course, talk to people. It is essential: You don't want to take anything away from anyone, but want to achieve something together. A mindset only changes in direct contact.

Actually, it's always simple. Why don't you have a cup of coffee with someone from Operations? They don't bite. They are like you! Talk about problems concretely and also get involved in the problems of your counterpart. Your code executes the service, their code builds the environment. But coding - that's what you both do! 


Do you feel the same way about your projects? What do you experience when coding? Whats on your mind? Our Software Crafter are looking forward to your opinion!