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Cooperation at eye level

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On the way to making IT projects successful, we focus on the people. Not a single person, but the right team ensures success. To achieve a challenging goal together we use efficient processes and methods. And we foster common values: passion for the task, professional expertise, excellence, responsibility and diligence.

We trust each other

At MaibornWolff, leadership means having confidence and trust in all employees. This requires our executives in particular to let go and hand over responsibility. Do I have confidence in my colleagues? Do I trust them - especially on important issues? How do I make them better in their strengths than I am myself? 

Letting people do the things they do best. We are convinced, that is when they are motivated, enjoy their work and achieve the best results. We provide the guidelines within which everyone can move freely. You choose the degree of sparring yourself. If you need more guidance, especially at the beginning of your professional career, there are various options available to you, such as professional mentoring, pair programming or the exchange with your supervisor and experienced colleagues in the project. 


Our feedback culture

No matter whether at a job interview, in projects or across departments: we always give feedback in a timely, appreciative and personal manner. After the applicants' day, for example, applicants receive our feedback in a personal interview, as to whether or not it was a match. We think that everyone deserves that. 

Even when it comes to the big picture, we always question ourselves and check what works how. Here it does not matter who notices that modifications are necessary. Our executives take feedback seriously and change rules that are no longer up-to-date. 



Shared values are our foundation

We have developed twelve non-negotiable guiding principles. Our strategy or corporate vision respects these rules without exception. In many of these principles we formulate attitudes and demands on ourselves: We act fairly and treat others with trust and respect. We act for the greater good. We are at the forefront of technology and we face up to our social responsibility.

In this way, we also determine how we behave towards our employees, talents, partners, and clients. Eye level is not a buzzword, but is filled with life by everyone in their daily interactions. That's why elbows don't stand a chance with us - appreciation, on the other hand, is very important. 


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