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Great Place to Work® is a leading global research and consulting institute that focuses on organizational trust. Each year, the institute rates how good of an employer we are — how well we’re handling human resources and managing our people.

A winner ten years running

Together with us, several hundred companies each year participate in the Great Place to Work® rankings, showing where they stand as employers. For the last ten years in a row, we’ve been honored with the Best Employers in Germany award. We also won the Best IT Employer award in 2013 — the very first year the award was presented. From 2014 on, we were declared the Best Employer in IT in the category for companies with 101 to 500 employees.

Our workplace culture means a lot to us

The excellent atmosphere we’ve created at our workplace breeds satisfaction, motivation and greater loyalty among our employees. We’re more effective at achieving our goals, our business is more successful, and we enjoy working together more.

Identify strengths and weaknesses systematically

Our excellent ranking in this benchmark has special meaning for us. The employee survey it’s based on helps us to systematically detect and incorporate new HR developments, allowing us to keep our corporate culture vibrant and healthy. Our team really appreciates this competition — it’s an external affirmation that we work for an exceptional company.

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