Early project phases

Put your project on the right track—right from the start


Every project starts with an idea

The best time to ensure clarity, avoid mistakes and lay out a realistic plan is right at the beginning. We work with you to define your vision and flesh out your ideas. What are the pain points you need to address? Which projects will help you achieve your business goals? Who will be the winners and losers in the end?

Keep others informed — getting people involved early on increases acceptance

It’s important to allow others to participate — to listen to them carefully and show them respect. That’s why we evaluate your stakeholders. And take a unique approach that includes social design tools and creative workshops. Then, we recap the results and explore them with you. Open up new possibilities with rapid feedback loops.

Clear words and images get to the root of the issue

Piece together and structure all of the available information. Sketch the big picture — a drawing of your project on the back of a napkin can be your ticket to new horizons. Use it to make connections no one else has seen.

When your goal is specific, success is within reach

We’re known for delivering results you can see and touch. You get to witness your plans firsthand as they steadily take shape. Whether it’s a project definition, an initial concept or a design specification, you will always have something in hand for every phase of your project. By developing prototypes, even at this early stage, we can give you an excellent feel for what is possible.