Continuing education

We must never stop learning


Continuing education is part of our corporate culture

Our continuing education program is extensive. It keeps us on top of the latest approaches and technologies. Our goal is to provide each one of our employees with enough training and education that we would be happy to re-hire them at any time — because we know their knowledge and skills stay current.

Continuing education is part of our corporate strategy

With their departmental managers’ help, our employees choose from over 25 seminars to put together their annual continuing education program. Between five and ten people participate in each seminar, a course size that guarantees intensive training. Participants get to know colleagues from different departments and inspire each other with fresh perspectives. The continuing education program is updated annually.

Funding is ensured by our employment contracts

During the annual employee meeting, a personal plan based on the master plan is developed for each employee. Our employment contracts guarantee an annual budget for continuing education in the amount of one month’s salary. In this way, we ensure that everyone here can achieve the skills required to perform our demanding work.


Top-notch trainers make for exciting workshops

Our most experienced employees teach our courses together with external specialists. In addition to technical topics, we also offer courses on soft skills and real-world issues such as big picture thinking and effective business writing. We conduct flipchart training sessions and drill the pyramid principle for presentations. We also offer training on technical topics such as JEE, mobile engineering and agile testing. Junior management staff learn all about managing employees, negotiation techniques and conducting interviews.


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