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 When working on projects, the workload varies. We adhere precisely to our specifications for milestones in quality and time. In the final spurt, this can lead to longer working hours for the team. There are also periods of time when the project requires less time. Then there is time for activities beside the project, for example trying out a new technology or refining good project results to a "Best Practice".

Work to your rhythm

All employees follow their personal daily rhythm. There are no fixed start and end times. Your private appointments are also part of our working time flexibility. It is only important to us that the cooperation within the team and with our customers works. So if your customer does not require an on-site presence, you decide where you want to work: in the office or at home.

Time for research and development

You have time to follow topics far away from your project. Every employee has the opportunity to use one week per year for research and development. Here you are free: You can work on a new programming language, on innovative technologies or on joint research and teaching at universities.

Longer breaks are no problem

Simply recharge your batteries, travel to other countries or pursue a social project - there are many good reasons for taking a time out. In consultation with your project team, you can take a longer break and get back on board without any problems.

Children and family without a career break

We attach great importance to equality. Mothers and fathers alike take parental leave - for as long as desired in each case. Without having to fear a career break, heads of department, project members, juniors and seniors can take their parental leave and then return to work. If the children are ill, this won't be a professional problem either - you can work flexibly from home or completely focus on taking care of your little ones.


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