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A clear path to advancing your career

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Our diversity enriches us

The MaibornWolff team embodies diversity, and that’s the way we like it. Different nationalities, academic backgrounds, phases of life, interests  and strengths — they’re  all represented here. We’re a collection of unique individuals who have their own personal needs.

Everyone is valued for their strengths

To ensure that everyone’s contribution is valued, we’ve mapped out the available career tracks in a straightforward career framework. This framework helps us discover together with our employees how much responsibility they are capable of handling and wish to take on. We also use it to determine the focus of their career development.

Five experience levels and three career tracks

We distinguish between five experience levels along three career tracks: consulting, technical specialists and test management. We meet with employees annually for an in-depth discussion about their progress on the career track. The objectives we set and continuing education courses we schedule are based on the career track and level we agree on.


Advance at your own pace

The framework gives unassuming technological geniuses and ambitious managers an equal shot at developing their careers. Extroverted IT gurus have the same opportunities as consultants who focus on developing their technical skills. We all go forward at our own pace without being forced into a rigid structure.

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