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Blockchain technology — learning to implement use cases 

You understand what blockchain technology is all about. And you know where using blockchain technology makes sense. Now the question is, how can you implement your use cases? This is exactly where our Blockchain Development School comes in. Here, you’ll learn how to implement specific use cases based on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Hands-on blockchain development

The Blockchain Development School educates you as a developer on how to work with the Ethereum blockchain. After completing the Blockchain Development School, you will be able to independently develop blockchain-based solutions such as smart contracts.

Participants first receive an introduction to Solidity. Next, they generate a technical design for their use case. Then they implement their smart contract as a prototype. Finally, participants initiate testing tailored to blockchain technology.

Come to Blockchain Development School

The Blockchain Development School is part of our continuing education program for our own employees who work with blockchain technologies. The instructors in the program consist exclusively of experienced experts who are familiar with the training curriculum from their own work.

Use the Blockchain Development School to train developers and other interested parties from your company in a workshop format. Our specialists will guide you through the workshop and show you tips and tricks derived from our practical experience with blockchain technology.

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