#whatsonyourmind, Benjamin Hofmann?

"Stay in the flow"


Under the hashtag #whatsonyourmind, Benny Hofmann describes what moves him. Benny is a DevOps Engineer at MaibornWolff. He says:

Software quality needs feedback. Feedback is the be-all and end-all. Only with regular feedback can you develop high-quality software. And above all the right one. A short and continuous feedback cycle is required - from unit tests to user requests. Only when this runs smoothly you can react quickly to changes, errors and new requirements.

Changes should be integrated into the code base in one day at the longest. Let's assume that software changes are valuable - otherwise you wouldn't be implementing them. However, the changed software only generates added value when it is no longer on the engineer's computer alone. It generates the most value when it is available for the end user. So make sure you have small work packages that quickly find their way from your keyboard to the user.

And stay in the flow: Everyone in the team should be given the opportunity to do what they like to do best. Work in the development environment and on the systems that suit you best. And make as little dependencies on the outside as possible. You've all experienced this before: When a team is in flow, it's most productive - and has fun at work!

Software quality demands transparency - both technically and professionally: It really works out really well if you know at all times: What is the state of the system like? What does the past look like? And what trends are emerging? This ranges from "we have an idea of what everyone in my team is currently working on" to "we are aware of what is going on in production at this moment".


Do you feel the same way about your projects? What do you experience when coding? Whats on your mind? Our Software Crafter are looking forward to your opinion!