Cloud-Native Architecture Guide published

Von Christian Leinweber

30. August 2021

From Practice: At MaibornWolff, we have been developing a whole range of good practices for sustainable architecture in a wide variety of customer projects for decades.

Cloud services are playing an increasingly important role in this. Not only is customer demand increasing, but the services on offer are also growing.

Many of our best practices can be applied directly or indirectly to cloud-native applications. We build components from a closed technical domain and combine them with appropriate cloud resources to create a complete application. This works for coarse-grained application services, microservices but also fine-grained serverless architectures.

And since we at MaibornWolff like to share our knowledge, you can now find our Cloud-Native Architecture Guide on GitHub. The first chapter, "Infrastructure Architecture," is already online; chapters on code, serverless, and delivery architectures are still to come.

Click here for the Cloud Native Architecture Guide